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Yard Sale

We are planning a co-op wide yard sale and BBQ! If you want to participate, YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE, NO LATER THAN APRIL 25 to reserve a table (in the common room) or if weather permits, outside and around the common room. First come first serve; it’ll be co-ordinated in advance.


Co-ordination Committee

What’s New @ City Edge Housing Co-op

A member-based Co-ordination Committee has been established to oversee a range of topics and discussions.
Our mission is to follow some simple principles of Co-op living; bringing our community closer by working together, in a non- formal, friendly atmosphere. Some items that are currently in the works are:
• A newsletter to keep members informed and connected
• Website forums and other informative ideas and pursuits
• High tea, and a co-op wide yard sale (later in the Spring)

What to do in City Edge?

What kind of event you would like to PARTICIPATE in our co-op?

Members Interest Form

Please indicate your interest in the following committees. You may choose as many as you think you’d like to explore, before settling on where you are most comfortable. Representatives from each committee will be in touch with you after you’re settled in to invite you to a meeting.